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Chakra Repatterning for Business Group Session with Carolyn Winter Recorded Session
Custom Payment
Monthly Telephone Coaching Sessions Pkg of 12
My Repatterning Blueprint For Change - The 12 Meridian Repatterning & Coaching Program with Carolyn Winter
Nun Karma Repatterning Free Ebook Available at LightTravels Webinars
Nun Karma Repatterning Learn To DIY Recording
Nun Karma Repatterning Personal Session
Personal Holographic Coaching Session 45-60 Minutes
Personal Holographic Coaching/ First time or Consultation Session
Pkg of 3 Telephone Holographic Coaching Sessions
Pkg of 6 Telephone OR Video Conference Holographic Coaching Sessions
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"Faith is the bird who feels dawn's warmth and sings before it is light." - Rabindranith Tagore