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Specialized Repatternings
When we are coherent life just flows and we feel fulfilled and content. However, real life situations like buying a home, changing jobs or career, or marital status etc. can upset our well-being when triggered by old unresolved patterns waiting to be healed. Coherent living services creates a new state of well-being out of  the ordinary challenges of life. Delightful, unexpected surprises often follow!
These services are one to one sessions with Carolyn Winter using the Resonance Repatterning system.  Sessions may be by phone, in person or by email.
Get repatterned and put the fun, joy, and bliss back into your life. 
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Nun Karma Repatterning Personal Session
Nun Karma Repatterning Personal Session
Fee: $225.00
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Book Your Appointment
Specialized Sessions With Carolyn Winter
 to Navigate Your Personal Holographic Universe
"Faith is the bird who feels dawn's warmth and sings before it is light." - Rabindranith Tagore