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Repatterning for Health and Fitness Series 2013
Repatterning for Health and Fitness Series 2013
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Support your intentions for health and fitness and be tuned up monthly!
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HEALTH & FITNESS Session Dates 2013

 Nov 14, Dec 11


Take the life intentions of Energize! to a deeper level with the opportunity in this group repatterning to identify and submit the issues or problems that block  the health and fitness you envision for yourself.  What are you resolved to improve?  What personal actions are you taking for better health and fitness?  This repatterning will bring your energy into coherence for doing these actions and getting results.   

  • Resonate with the primary optimal physical qualities for all 12 meridians of the 5 Element System of energy including, for example, I have a strong heart etc;

  • Resonate with an overall vision for health and fitness that you set for yourself

  • Resonate with the action intention that sets your vision in motion for manifestation.

  • Resonate with the lifestyle qualities needed to activate your vision of health and fitness

Remember... we tend to experience what we resonate with. The program will have you clear your resonance with the qualities that you don't want and that have been blocking your good intentions for health and fitness.

Resonance Repatterning identifies the patterns that are optimal for to shift and change at any point in time - gently easily and within our reach.  Frequently participants experience delightful unexpected surprises as we take a leap in conscious awareness and integrate new patterns organically!

New to Online Group Proxy Sessions? How does it work?

  • Submit the issues for repatterning that block you

  • Submit other related intentions that would support your overall intention.

  • Confirm your experience of this online program by reading the session notes.

  • Track your results in an online journal

  • Do the recommended positive action to unleash your potential.

You do not have to be online or on a telephone call.
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