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Nun Karma Repatterning Personal Session
Nun Karma Repatterning Personal Session
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The Nun Karma Repatterning has drawn attention from other Resonance Repatterning Practitioners, healers and those interested in clearing past life karma.   Patterns of non-coherence can show up in your relationships, work, projects etc as poverty consciousness, invisibility, having to be silent, living a life of service (imbalanced), unrequited love martyrdom, seclusion or guilt.

Instead resonate with positive qualities for a personal focus, inner focus, finances, career, relationship, family and community leadership, environment, global evolution, self-realized service, new vow values, and your soul vision of fulfillment.

Whether you have studied resonance repatterning or not, it is frequently useful to receive a session from another practitioners rather than do it on your own.  Those who are not practiced in the repatterning methods may find it very helpful to receive a nun karma session from a practitioner. 

Do this session once with a practitioner and you may also find it easier to do on your own to clear any number of related issues.

Sessions are by phone or by video conferencing using 

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Nun Karma Repatterning Free Ebook Available at LightTravels Webinars
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