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My Repatterning Blueprint For Change - The 12 Meridian Repatterning & Coaching Program with Carolyn Winter
My Repatterning Blueprint For Change - The 12 Meridian Repatterning & Coaching Program with Carolyn Winter
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In this coaching program  we will use the in-depth repatternings for each of the 12 Meridians of the Chinese 5 Element Acupuncture system developed by Chloe Wordsworth.  The Five Element system of healing used in these repatternings is based on the forces of nature and the principles of how energy flows.  In this work we focus primarily on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the twelve meridians and their relationship to each other.  When we use these repatterning exclusively over the course of a number of sessions our constitutional type emerges showing where healing imbalances are likely to occur and revealing the optimal acupuncture points to heal your constitution.  

Many of my clients have called these sessions 'zingers' that go directly to the heart of an issue more so than other repatternings. 

In this 1 year coaching program we will exclusively use this work doing 1 session per month for each of the 12 Meridians (and yes you may fast track 12 sessions in 6 months if you wish).  The sessions tend to be a little longer than usual.  Also unlike other sessions I will track the qualities that come up in your 12 sessions to help identify your constitutional type and the ideal healing exercises for your type.  This is something you will be able to take away from the sessions for on-going work on your own.

EVERYTHING STARTS WITH A GREAT INTENTION! - We'll begin with an over all intention for some aspect of our life or big goal you are working towards.    This could be an over-all life vision/mission statement, or something specific such as starting a new business, transitioning from one career to another, retiring, improving a relationship, an educational or training goal, family situation etc.  What ever is most important to you.  Each month these in-depth sessions will address issues and intention related to your goals, as well as currrent life events in relation to the energy meridian we are working with. 

SAMPLE QUESTIONS - Here is a sampling of the questions from 6 of 12 different repatternings you will encounter in this discovery and healing process: 

1. Where in your life do you feel split? or What are you confused about? 
2. How are You not following the truth of your heart? 
3. In what situation in your life do you collapse?  What are you not motivated to do in this situation? 
4. What are you holding onto that is coming in the way of you being happy and fulfilled in the present
    - negative expectations, criticisms, grudges or resentments? 
5.  What are you most afraid of? 
6. In what way do you feel constrained so it is difficult for you to make plans and go into action to achieve your goals? 

The answers to these and the other meridian questions will help us identify the recurring patterns related to your constitution.  You will learn how one meridian affects the other to put your system out of balance and how to bring it back! 
Clients who do this type of in-depth repatterning work, usually find long standing issues fade, they take new action they could not do before and others respond more positively to them or support their goals. 

Carolyn Winter

Holographic Coach

"Faith is the bird who feels dawn's warmth and sings before it is light." - Rabindranith Tagore