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Ancestral Echoes
Stop the repeating patterns of your family's long past to create peace within yourself and your family system today.

Heal the Inner Landscape of Your Ancestral Energy

 Bert Hellinger the originator of Family Constellation work, over  a lifetime of studying families, discovered that individuals are affected by the energy of a family system and that present day problems could frequently be traced to an unresolved situation with a long past family member or ancestor. Our family ties, he surmises, cause us to be unconsciously loyal, over extended, unlucky or have other unhappy life circumstances. 

Repattern the Totally Invisible In Your Life: One of the benefits of doing the Ancestral Echoes repatterning at this level, is that it is possible to clear our non-coherences originating with people in generations for circumstances we have no actual knowledge about.  In the absence of that information we still have the frequency pattern. This frequency pattern is all we need to create the precise shift needed for our own lives in the present. 

This group repatterning, in part, takes us out of the deeply personal aspects of our situation and seeks to create change in our long past historical connections.  These are connections that were influenced by the events of the time - social, political or economic.  We'll pinpoint our collective generations, historical events, and world transitions that have created non-coherent images everyone in the group needs to clear. To replace the facts of actual events we will also work extensively with symbols.  Our sessions will address 3 different topics in each series:  

Access and clear patterns for inner peace, clarity, and coherence.
"Faith is the bird who feels dawn's warmth and sings before it is light." - Rabindranith Tagore