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Aligned for Mercury Retrograde Series for 2017 - April 9th, August 12 and December 3rd
Aligned for Mercury Retrograde Series for 2017 - April 9th, August 12 and December 3rd
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Join this hologram today and align with the postive side of Mercury Retrograde
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Mercury goes into retrograde 4 times this year meddling with communications, contracts and new starts.  Travel plans are known to go haywire during these astrological periods. When we are aligned with this frequency, we organically clean out closets, put things in order, de-clutter, take the time to read the fine print and double check details. Travel plans may be disrupted but when we are aligned we are better equipped to flow around the obstacles and attract positive choices.

What we resonate with is what we experience.  To make the most of this energetic influence, join Julie Simmons and I for a group Resonance Repatterning session to  Align for Mercury Retrograde.  Resonate with a natural awareness of Mercury retrograde, and the best actions to take to support your current situation. 

Mercury is Retrograde in 2017
  • April 09, 2017 – May 3, 2017
    Shadow from: Mar. 28 – May. 21
  • August 12, 2017 September 05, 2017 28
    Shadow from: Jul. 25 – Shadow till: Sep. 19
  • December 03, 2017 – December 23rd 2017
    Shadow from: November 15 – January 11 2018

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Jan21 Mercury in Retrograde
  This was the easiest retrograde (mercury) I have ever had. My flights went smoothly as all the travel arrangements did and communications were great as well. My only hard day was the day it actually went direct LOL! Thanks for having my back!
  Reviewed by:  Gwen from Toronto. on 2/13/2015
Mercury Direct
  I had something return to me that I thought was lost for 30 years! I cleaned out the closets and got some new clothes. There is a general feeling of lightness. Plus the momentum is back on an area of my life that I thought had run out!
  Reviewed by:  Lucia August from California. on 2/13/2015
  I felt lighter during the Mercury Retrograde. I found out that one of my banking accounts had gone electronic, which allowed me to shred old statements with confidence. I found myself doing a lot of reflection and discovering without judgement personality traits I was ready to let go. I felt supported.
  Reviewed by:  K from toronto. on 10/30/2014
Aligned for Mercury October 2014
  Things ran smoothly for me during this period. None of the usual breakdowns or delays. My only surprise was there were many breakdowns in communication for me. I still find this very helpful.
  Reviewed by:  Gwen from Toronto. on 10/30/2014
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