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Aligned for Mercury Retrograde Series Remaining Session: August 12th and December 3rd 2017
Aligned for Mercury Retrograde Series Remaining Session: August 12th and December 3rd 2017
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Join this holograms today and align with the postive side of Mercury Retrograde
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Mercury is Retrograde in 2017
  • April 09, 2017 – May 3, 2017
    Shadow from: Mar. 28 – May. 21
  • August 12, 2017 September 05, 2017 28
    Shadow from: Jul. 25 – Shadow till: Sep. 19
  • December 03, 2017 – December 23rd 2017
    Shadow from: November 15 – January 11 2018

Mercury goes into retrograde 3 times this year meddling with communications, contracts and new starts.  Travel plans are known to go haywire during these astrological periods. When we are aligned with this frequency, we organically clean out closets, put things in order, de-clutter, take the time to read the fine print and double check details. 
Travel plans may be disrupted but when we are aligned we are better equipped to flow around the obstacles and attract positive choices.
What is different about this Mercury retrograde?  - Additionally each Mercuryretrograde is influenced by the position Mercury is in during that period.  For a detailed description of THIS Mercury retrograde, visit the blog post by Julie Simmons  . What is on your agenda during this Mercury retrograde?  Align your energy with our online long distance program so that you remain in the flow of what is possible during this time.
How Does This Program Work?  In each group proxy session participants have the opporutnity to name issues and intentions in each of the astrological houses and submit them for repatterning.  Astrologer Julie Simmons and Holographic Coach Carolyn Winter, use the resonance repatterning system to repattern our collective energy field for this event.  A session is done by proxy using all of the information provided by the group.  (your submissions are used anonymously).   A few days later, the session notes are posted online customized with your submissions.  Often reading the notes or adding to them may help you experience a much better Mercury retrograde.
Who Will Benefit? Anyone may benefit from a resoance repatterning session online or in person and Aligned for Mercury Retrograde.  The system has a way  of going to the place in your energy system where you need to shift and where there is sufficient inner resources to do so.   If you are planning unavoidable trips, important contracts, communications, events, or projects this repatterning can be invaluable. 
If you are in any of the communications industry or rely on social media, the internet or mail to earn your income this program may be helpful as well as those in the travel industry at any level.
Additionally other astrologers, healers or those in the helping professions, may find that this program supports their endeavors with the people they serve.
If you have questions about this program please ask at the blog with a comment or contact us at

Join us for this hologram for success!

"Faith is the bird who feels dawn's warmth and sings before it is light." - Rabindranith Tagore