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Aligned Mercury Retrograde
Group Proxy Sessions with Astrologer Julie Simmons, and Resonance Repatterning Practitioner Carolyn Winter...     Examining your issues connected with the 12 houses of the zodiac and creating positive intentions for your life is a good way to avoid the chaos of the Trickster Planet. 
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Aligned for Mercury Retrograde Single Session  December 19th 2016
Aligned for Mercury Retrograde Single Session December 19th 2016
Fee: $35.00
  • Stop living in fear of Mercury Retrograde
  • Clear your  negative or non-coherent patterns that are susceptible during this Mercury retrograde
  • Resonate with being proactive
  • Flow around obstacles
  • Experience the best of Mercury retrograde
Sometimes you need a little help! 
Align your energy for this event and join our easy online long distance program

- submit your mercury retrograde issues and intentions for repatterning online (at any time before or after the day Mercury goes retrograde) in your personal account

- Astrologer Julie Simmons and I repattern the group using all of the submissions on the day Mercury goes retrograde.  Participants are not online or the phone for this event as Julie and I do this remotely.  We'll send you an email with optional suggestions for tuning into the session if you wish.

- Session notes are posted a few days later; read your confidential custom report to confirm the shifts and changes that occurred for you.

 - the hologram keeps listening throughout Mercury retrograde; as other issues come up add them to the event.  Chances are your submissions were anticipated!

Let us support you!

The Trickster Planet is underfoot August 30-September 22 & December 19-January 8 2017; Align for the best of this astrological influence energy and join today!
"Faith is the bird who feels dawn's warmth and sings before it is light." - Rabindranith Tagore